NV Pre-Halloween Extravaganza @ Bio Rex Lasipalatsi on Saturday, October 16

Night Visions will be conquering the Bio Rex Lasipalatsi cinema in Helsinki on two Saturdays in October 2021. The lineup of Night Visions Pre-Halloween Extravaganza festival consists of four features:

03.00 PM COMA (dir. Nikita Argunov, Russia 2020, 111 min) Dialogue in Russian, subtitles in English.
05.30 PM EVENT HORIZON (dir. Paul W.S. Anderson, UK/USA 1997, 96 min) Finnish premiere of the 4k version! Dialogue in English, no subtitles.
Klo 19.30 BREEDER (dir. Jens Dahl, Tanska 2020, 107 min) Presented by a filmmaker guest & followed by a Q&A! Dialogue in Danish, subtitles in English.
Klo 22.00 JIU JITSU (dir. Dimitri Logothetis, USA 2020, 102 min) Dialogue in English, no subtitles.

Tickets 10,00 e per piece. Ticket package for all four screenings 35,00 e.

Tickets on sale online NOW: https://boxoffice.nightvisions.info/en/

The lineup of Night Visions Halloween Extravaganza on October 30, 2021 will be announced SOON.