Night Visions celebrates WHS Teatteri Union’s 7th anniversary on October 8, 2021

Night Visions’ absolutely fabulous exhibitor partner WHS Teatteri Union is celebrating its 7th anniversary in Helsinki in the beginning of October, 2021. We feel priviledged to have the opportunity to join the celebration with two special screenings of cinematic obscurities that relate closely to the James Bond fever that has taken the nation by storm over the past couple of weeks.

The delightful Eurospy adventure 077 vs. Ypotron was originally released in 1966 to cash in on the success of the first four Bond features. The sci-fi oddity Starship Invasions is connected to the Bond universe through its main antagonist, an extraterrestrial mastermind portrayed by the one and only Sir Christopher Lee, who also made it to the most legendary Bond villains Hall of Fame with his role as Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974).

Night Visions goes Union 7th Anniversary screenings on Friday, October 8, 2021:

06.30 PM 077 VS. YPOTRON (dir. Giorgio Stegani, Italy/Spain/France 1966, 100 min)
08.30 PM STARSHIP INVASIONS (dir. Ed Hunt, Canada 1977, 89 min)

Dialogue track of both features in English, no subtitles.

077 vs. Ypotron will be screened from a 16mm film print. The screening format of Starship Invasions is 35mm film.

The lobby bar of WHS Teatteri Union is open prior to and during the screenings, hence the age restriction of both screenings is strictly “18”.

Tickets (10,00 e a piece, 16,00 e for both features) from the exhibitor’s online store: