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Short & Sweet

A Real Donkey Day

In this Night Visions world premiere, Little Peke the donkey embarks on an exhilarating adventure as he joins the festivities of a vibrant birthday celebration. A Real Donkey Day is the first full blooded animated short from Artturi Olavi Rostén, a familiar name to Night Visions audiences thanks to his earlier shorts The Defiler (2016), Sleepy Bear’s Lullabye-bye (2019) and Don’t Answer (2021) as well as his SFX work on the TIFF breakout feature Euthanizer (2017) by Teemu Nikki.

Director-screenwriter-producer Rostén, animation director and animator Ylva-Lii Wahlström and sound designer Janne Helenius will be presenting both festival screenings of the film in person!

Finland 2024. Dir: Artturi Olavi Rostén. Animation director: Ylva-Lii Wahlström. 6 min.

Screening alongside the feature We Are Zombies on Friday, April 19, at 10.45 PM (WHS Teatteri Union) and on Saturday, April 20, at 08.55 PM (Bio Rex Lasipalatsi).

Yö ei anna armoa (The Night Gives No Mercy)

From the twisted minds of Juho Fossi, director of the Night Visions world premiere Expectancy (Odotusaika, 2020), and his co-director Riku Leino comes this grim tale of two scoot rangers ending up face to face with a masked killer. Night Visions is proud to host the world premiere of the film now at the festival.

Director-screenwriter Juho Fossi will be presenting the second festival screening of the film in person on Saturday, April 20!

Finland 2024. Dir: Juho Fossi & Riku Leino. 6 min.

Screening alongside the feature The Seeding on Wednesday, April 17, at 06.45 PM (Cinema Orion) and on Saturday, April 20, at 10.50 PM (WHS Teatteri Union).

Wind Princess

A visually stunning live action tribute to Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) seven years in the making, Chris Tex’s Wind Princess has already been making waves at its world premiere at North America’s most significant genre film festival Fantasia as well as in the Official Selection of Sitges Film Festival, the biggest genre film festival in Europe.

Jessica Freytag, the titular star of the film will be presenting both its festival screenings in person!

Brazil 2023. Dir: Chris Tex. 17 min.

Screening alongside the feature Once Within a Time on Thursday, April 18, at 03.30 PM and on Friday, April 19, at 04.00 PM, both screenings at Cinema Orion.