NV Halloween Extravaganza @ Bio Rex Lasipalatsi on Saturday, October 30, 2021

Night Visions celebrates this year’s Halloween weekend with a stellar selection of four features and one short at Helsinki’s Bio Rex Lasipalatsi cinema on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

All new features in the lineup are Finnish theatrical premieres. This will also be the first ever opportunity to see Alan Parker’s modern classic ANGEL HEART on the big screen in Finland in its newly restored 4k glory.

The screening schedule of the event:

02.45 PM THE BEACH HOUSE (dir. Jeffrey A. Brown, USA 2020, 88 min) Dialogue in English, subtitles in Finnish and in Swedish. [Screening alongside the short CARRIER (dir. Max Ovaska, Finland 2020, 23 min) Director Ovaska will be at the screening presenting the film to the audience! Dialogue in Finnish, subtitles in English.]
05.15 PM ANGEL HEART (dir. Alan Parker, UK/Canada/USA 1987, 113 min) Finnish premiere of the 4k restoration! Dialogue in English, no subtitles.
07.45 PM LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (dir. Edgar Wright, UK 2021, 116 min) Dialogue in English, subtitles in Finnish and in Swedish.
10.15 PM #SHAKESPEARE’S SHITSTORM (dir. Lloyd Kaufman, USA 2020, 94 min) Dialogue in English, no subtitles.


For further info on the films: https://www.nightvisions.info/wp/en/elokuvat/

Tickets 10,00 e per piece. Ticket package for all four screenings 35,00 e.

Tickets on sale online NOW: https://boxoffice.nightvisions.info/en/