On Saturday, December 15, 2018 Night Visions International Film Festival will host rerun screenings of the audience favourites of the November 2018 edition of the festival. The screenings already announced earlier include Leigh Whannell’s cyberpunk action sensation Upgrade, winner of the Night Visions Audience Award 2018, and the Canadian serial killer thriller Summer of 84, from the filmmaker trio who made a splash already with their first feature Turbo Kid (2015).

A new surprise addition to the reruns selection is Alex Noyer’s directorial debut Conductor, a seven-minute short film that has already made some substantial waves in the international film festival circuit this fall. After succesful play at festivals such as Motel X of Lisbon, Portugal and Grimmfest of Manchester, United Kingdom, Conductor went on to win the Silver Skull award in the international short film competition of Morbido, Mexico’s no. 1 genre film festival at the end of October.

What makes Conductor special from the Night Visions perspective is its particularly strong connection to the home country of the festival. Even though the film was produced in the United States, quite a few key figures involved in the production emerge from Finland. Director-screenwriter-producer Noyer, known from his executive producer duties on the acclaimed synthesizer documentary 808 (2014), has Finnish roots, just like his producer partner Hannu Aukia.

Aukia has also composed the music for the film’s soundtrack together with Jaakko Manninen, an LA-based musical multi-talent from Finland. The sound editing has been supervised by Jussi Tegelman, an expert of the field with a highly succesful career in Hollywood on the payroll of productions for the likes of Sam Raimi and Zack Snyder.

As the icing on the cake, Conductor features the acting debut in a short film by Jukka Hildén, one of the members of The Dudesons group, Finland’s answer to Jackass.

Conductor will be playing at WHS Teatteri Union (street address: Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki, Finland) on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 07.15pm alongside the feature Upgrade.

Advance tickets (10 euros each) available through the venue’s website: