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Titane / Julia Ducournau

  • Country and year: France 2021
  • Rating: 16
  • Duration: 108 min
  • Director and writer: Julia Ducournau
  • Producer(s): Jean-Christophe Reymond
  • Cinematographer: Ruben Impens
  • Music: Jim Williams
  • Cast: Agatha Rousselle, Vincent Lindon, Garance Marillier, Laïs Salameh, Bertrand Bonello, Dominique Frot
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: English
  • Format: DCP

“Richly cinematic and pregnant with nuance and meaning”
Boyd van Hoeij / The Hollywood Reporter

“Would make J.G. Ballard blush”
Pat Brown / Slant Magazine

“You can never take your eyes off”
Jonathan Romney / Screen International

“An unmistakably human story with moments of unexpected levity”
Cody Corrall / Chicago Reader

“Manages to do something remarkably strong in a compact form”
Jason Gorber / Slash Film

“The film’s raging conclusion has an overwhelming methaphorical power”
Richard Brody / The New Yorker

“A symphony of disturbing and dark madness unlike anything you’ve ever seen – and I mean that in a good way.”
Richard Roeper / Chicago Sun-Times

“The most bizarre and wonderful story of the year”
Emma Stefansky / Thrillist

“The wildest Palme d’Or winner ever — Following the cannibalistic Raw with another ravenous film that pushes her fascination with the hunger and malleability of human flesh to even further extremes, [director-screenwriter Julia] Ducournau has made good on the promise of her debut and then some. Whatever you’re willing to take from it, there’s no denying that Titane is the work of a demented visionary in full command of her wild mind; a shimmering aria of fire and metal that introduces itself as the psychopathic lovechild of David Cronenberg’s Crash and Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo: The Iron Man before shapeshifting into a modern fable about how badly people just need someone to take care of them and vice-versa. —

The magic of Titane is also owed to the grace with which Ducournau threads the needle between clarity and madness, shock and recognition, throttle and clutch.” – David Ehrlich / IndieWire

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