Supercool / Teppo Airaksinen

  • Country and year: Finland / USA / Canada 2020
  • Rating: 12
  • Duration: 100 min.
  • Director: Teppo Airaksinen
  • Writer: Olli Haikka, Ali Moussavi, based on story by Eric Goren and Patricia Goren
  • Producer(s): Olli Haikka
  • Cinematographer: Cory Geryak
  • Music: Jacques Brautbar
  • Cast: Jake Short, Miles J. Harvey, Madison Davenport, Damon Wayans Jr., Iliza Shlesinger, Peter Moses, Odessa A’zion, Jonathan Kite, Will Meyers
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Finnish and Swedish
  • Format: DCP

Night Visions International Film Festival is proud beyond belief to have the opportunity to host the world premiere of Supercool, a genuinely fresh and vibrant entry in the US teen comedy canon. Sufficiently raunchy on its surface but with a heart of gold, Supercool feels like a 2007 Seth Rogen / Judd Apatow collaboration updated to match the standards of 2020, with a hint or two of Paul and Chris Weitz’s original American Pie sensibility thrown in here and there.

Though it has the smell and feel of a 100 per cent US production, with an all-American cast, Supercool is the fourth feature of Finnish director Teppo Airaksinen, the Cannes awarded mastermind best known on his home turf for the comedy sequel Lapland Odyssey 2 (Napapiirin sankarit 2, 2015) and Juice (2018), a biopic of a legendary Finnish singer-songwriter of yesteryear. Produced and co-scripted by Olli Haikka for the Finnish production company Yellow Film, Supercool’s highly polished and punctual editing comes from Jussi Rautaniemi (The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, The Guardian Angel, Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre).

In essence, Supercool is a story of Neil Tobbler (Jake Short), who has gone through most of his life feeling invisible and fantasizing about his long-time crush, Summer (Madison Davenport). When Neil and his best friend Gilbert (Miles J. Harvey) find out that Summer is throwing a birthday party, Gilbert pressures Neil to ask her for an invitation. The plan goes haywire, and Neil ends up embarrassing himself in front of the girl of his dreams.

Next day, Neil and Gilbert are woken up to the fact that miracles can truly happen, even to the most invisible of us. And this particular miracle, however inexplicable, just might provide the guys with a free pass to the bedrooms of all the girls of their dreams. Realizing quickly that all good must eventually come to an end, Neil and Gilbert rush on a personal journey of a lifetime, including but not limited to a series of car chases, robberies and wild parties.

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