New Order / Michel Franco

  • Country and year: Mexico / France 2020
  • Rating: 16
  • Duration: 86 min.
  • Director and writer: Michel Franco
  • Producer(s): : Michel Franco, Eréndira Núñez Larios, Cristina Velasco
  • Cinematographer: Yves Cape
  • Cast: Naian González Norvind, Diego Boneta, Mónica del Carmen, Fernando Cuautle, Eligio Meléndez, Darío Yazbek
  • Language: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Format: DCP

Children of Men meets The Purge, but much better than that sounds. — Electric, brutal and infuriating —Billed as a dystopic drama taking place in a near-future Mexico City, the events of New Order could very well unfold, say, tonight, as the poor rise up in a seemingly spontaneous wave, covering the streets with green paint and raiding the homes of the city’s elite, including the chi-chi wedding between the daughter of a high-powered developer and a son of the city’s power brokers. But then the military takes over, and a whole new societal structure presents itself.

[Director-screenwriter Michel] Franco’s ultimate message might be obvious – there is always another level of power operating above the one you think is controlling things – but he delivers it in such a riveting manner that you absolutely cannot turn away. I both cannot wait to watch it again, and dread the opportunity to revisit Franco’s many nausea-inducing tableaux, which so dangerously straddle the line between incendiary and exploitative. For now, I’m going to call this a masterpiece.” – Barry Hertz / The Globe and Mail


“Horrifying, unpredictable and out of control — Imagine an even grimmer Children of Men
– Nicholas Barber / IndieWire

“Short, sharp shock to the system — Terrifyingly riveting”
– David Rooney / The Hollywood Reporter

“This class conflict makes Parasite look tame”
– Marshall Shaffer / Slash Film

“Picks up where Parasite and The Platform left off — Plays like a vividly cinematic nightmare”
– Norman Wilner / NOW Toronto

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