Hunted / Vincent Paronnaud

  • Country and year: Belgium / France / Ireland 2020
  • Rating: 18
  • Duration: 96 min
  • Director: Vincent Paronnaud
  • Writer: Vincent Paronnaud, Léa Pernollet
  • Producer(s): Alexandre Perrier, Benoit Roland
  • Cinematographer: Joachim Philippe
  • Music: Olivier Bernet
  • Cast: Lucie Debay, Arieh Worthalter, Ciaran O’Brien, Jean-Mathias Pondant, Kevin Van Doorslaer, Gilles Vandeweerd
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Format: DCP

“A woman engages in an increasingly savage battle with her abductor in Hunted, a nasty little horror-thriller that aims to tap into the zeitgeist by turning a brutal standoff into a meditation on toxic masculinity and #metoo. French comic book artist and filmmaker Vincent Paronnaud immerses the viewer in this tense genre exercise, with the results falling somewhere between thought-provoking and stylishly pulpy. — Lucie Debay gives a fully committed, eventually downright feral performance as the latest target of a sociopath. —

Hunted gets progressively stranger as it rolls along, introducing new characters and unveiling ludicrous surprises. Watching the film’s plunge into the demented has its kicks: the script flaunts its gruesome kills and gnarly wounds once our combatants move deeper into the woods and further away from any semblance of civilisation. Without subtlety, Paronnaud argues that, stripped down to our core nature, we remain wild things.” – Tim Grierson / Screen International


“Starts out as a lean, taunt horror thriller, before turning completely batshit crazy as it heads into its climax, making for a fully frightening and entertaining package.”
– Andrew Mack / Screen Anarchy

“[Lucie] Debay’s uninhibited and highly physical performance is thrilling to watch, and Paronnaud cleverly finds a way to give her character a makeover that leaves her resembling a Celtic warrior.”
– Samantha McLaren / Scream Magazine

“For the most part, Hunted is a tight, suspenseful and credible survival picture — The meat of the story is fairly familiar – but it’s still an excellent little variation on its theme.”
– Kim Newman / The Kim Newman Website

“Hunted proves to be an unexpected treasure chest, which is no less potent for its two main actors – two safe bets in the Belgian film landscape. [Lucie] Debay quite literally transforms in this film, becoming a woman of the woods slowly overcome by rage and fury. [Arieh] Worthalter is impressive for the ease with which he embodies an authentic, incandescent movie villain, the kind whose deranged look will end up haunting our sleepless nights.”
– Aurore Engelen / Cineuropa

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