Dune Drifter / Marc Price

  • Country and year: UK 2020
  • Rating: 16
  • Duration: 98 min
  • Director and writer: Marc Price
  • Producer(s): Michelle Parkyn
  • Cinematographer: Noel Darcy
  • Music: Adam Langston
  • Cast: Phoebe Sparrow, Daisy Aitkens, Simon Dwyer-Thomas, Alastair Kirton, Richard Corgan
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: None
  • Format: DCP

“A group of rookie space fighter pilots are sent to partake in a space battle to protect humanity. The battle takes a turn and all of the rookies are taken out except for Adler (Phoebe Sparrow) and her gunner Yaren (Daisy Aitkens), who crash land on a nearby planet. With Yaren mortally wounded, it’s up to Adler to fix their ship so they can safely return home. As she hunts for parts, Adler discovers an enemy soldier on the planet who will stop at nothing to kill her.

Dune Drifter is an ambitious and strong film from Marc Price. — When you look at the ideas he brings to the table and the way they’re executed, it’s very, very impressive. Dune Drifter also highlights the beauty of independent film, where film-makers such as Price have to be creative to achieve their vision. When the end product is as good as this, you can’t help but think there are bigger things to come for Price in the future.” – Pip Ellwood-Hughes / Entertainment Focus


”Price delivers on an ambitious science fiction film, involving an effects-heavy space battle sequence and some struggling through alien terrain filmed on impressively stark Icelandic locations”
– Kim Newman / The Kim Newman Website

“Essential viewing for both sci-fi and horror fans”
– David Gelmini / Dread Central

“Marries the lo-fi aesthetic of Roger Corman with a fast pace and several twists”
– Camillo De Marco / Cineuropa

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