NIGHT VISIONS FILM FESTIVAL – The Coolest Film Festival Up North

Horror, fantasy, science fiction, action and cult cinema are the name of the game at the Night Visions International Film Festival, the largest genre film event in the Nordic region. The festival is held twice a year in the heart of Helsinki. And rest assured, we are also talking about the wildest film festival in Finland.


Founded in 1997
Total number of features in the lineup each year: 65-70
Total number of admissions per year: 14 500
International focus in the lineup: in 2014 the Night Visions selection featured works from 26 different countries on 5 continents
Winner of The Cultural Achievement of the Year Award from the City of Helsinki in January 2013


Night Visions Film Festival is non-competitive, but the audience gets to vote for the winner of the Night Visions Audience Award during the fall edition of the festival. All new feature films in the official selection are eligible for the award.


2008 EDEN LAKE (dir. James Watkins, United Kingdom)
2009 DEAD SNOW (dir. Tommy Wirkola, Norway)
2010 MACHETE (dir. Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis, USA)
2011 THE WOMAN (dir. Lucky McKee, USA)
2012 DREDD (dir. Pete Travis, United Kingdom)
2013 JODOROWSKY’S DUNE (dir. Frank Pavich, USA)
2014 WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (dir. Jemaine Clement & Taika Watiti, New Zealand)
2015 SPANDEX SAPIENS (dir. Oskari Pastila, Finland)
2016 ARRIVAL (dir. Denis Villeneuve, USA)


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