Spring 2018 edition of Night Visions kicks off today!

The silver screens of Helsinki will be filled to the brim with genre movies for the four days and one night of Night Visions Back to Basics 2018. Some of the festival screenings have already sold out.

The spring edition of Night Visions opens today with the long-awaited screening of Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here (2017). The film’s both screenings are already sold out.

The festival will show the latest and greatest horror, action, sci-fi and fantasy movies as well as a hand-picked selection of cult classics. There will be 31 feature films screened on five silver screens at Andorra, Korjaamo and Savoy theater.

The other sold out screenings are Saturday’s screenings of the Hot from Sundance section – Piercing (2018) and Holiday (2018) – and Wednesday’s screening of Necronomicon (2018). The other screenings of these films have still some tickets left.

The audience has shown particular interest in the British horror anthology Ghost Stories (2017), the pitch black Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair comedy Mom and Dad (2017) and Best F(r)iends (2018), which reunites Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero, the makers of the cult hit The Room (2003) (which is of course also screened at the festival).

Other hits in the advance sales include the genre classics Squirm (1976), Blue Sunshine (1977) and Remote Control (1988), all of which will be presented at the festival by director Jeff Lieberman.

Here you can find the festival program, screening schedule and tickets.

Guests of Honor

In addition to the cult legend Jeff Lieberman, the festival is proud to bring to Helsinki the British director and animator Ashley Thorpe (Borley Rectory: The Most Haunted House in England, 2017), the Swedish director Isabella Eklöf who shocked at Sundance with her debut feature Holiday (2018), the Argentinian director Marcelo Schapces (Necronomicon: The Book of Hell, 2018) and the producer of the documentary Boiled Angels: The Trial of Mike Diana (2018) Anthony Sneed.

The guests will attend the screenings of their films and will be available for the audience interaction with questions, amazements, perplexities, indignations as well as unreserved adoration of their work!

More information about the Night Visions guests of honor can be found here.

Clubs, U.F.O’s and psychos

Do not forget the festival clubs that will be held at Eerikinkatu 11 in Dubrovnik Bar & Lounge on Wednesday April 18th and Friday April 20th.

Wednesday’s Night Visions Opening Club brings on stage the U.F.O. inspired psychedelic duo LSD – 666 U.F.O. tutkimuksia. You can attend the club for the price of the cloakroom fee.

Friday’s  Night Visions Doomsday Club celebrates the release of Villa Nah‘s new single “Psycho“. Tickets are available for 10 € + cloakroom fee.

18.4. Dubrovnik: Night Visions Opening Club (23-02)
Live: LSD – 666 U.F.O. tutkimuksia
Audiovisual extravaganza
Liput 0 € + cloakroom fee

20.4. Dubrovnik: Night Visions Doomsday Club feat. Villa Nah LIVE (23-03)
Live: Villa Nah ”Psycho” single release party
DJ Maria Katariina & Friends
Liput 10 € + cloakroom fee