Upgrade / Leigh Whannell

  • Country and year: Australia 2018
  • Duration: 100 min
  • Director and writer: Leigh Whannell
  • Producer(s): Jason Blum, Kylie Du Fresne, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
  • Cinematographer: Stefan Duscio
  • Music: Jed Palmer
  • Cast: Logan Marshall-Green, Steve Danielsen, Harrison Gilbertson, Melanie Vallejo, Abby Craden, Benedict Hardie, Richard Cawthorne
  • Format: DCP

“Australian Leigh Whannell, writer of Saw and The Mule and former bathtub-bound local film reviewer, fires all futuristic guns a-blazin’ with a pulpy, pacey, punchy science fiction romp about a quadriplegic who embarks on a violent AI-assisted revenge spree.

Upgrade is a veritable cornucopia of genre thrills and spills, machine-tooled for fans of action-packed sci-fi. Influences and inspirations are strewn all over the place – from Cronenbergian body horror to Verhoevenian schlock to a dank Ridley Scott or Denis Villeneuve ‘world gone wrong’ aesthetic, infused with a scuzzy grindhouse vibe.” – Luke Buckmaster / The Guardian


“Near-perfect pulp — the single best genre movie in ages”
– David Fear / Rolling Stone

“Bloody sci-fi action done right”
– Rob Hunter / Film School Rejects

“Much more than just another pre-programmed revenge thriller”
– Geoffrey Macnab / The Independent

“A retro science-fiction actioner with both brains and brawn – quite a lot of brawn, actually”
– Jamie Graham / Total Film

“As fluid and exhilarating as anything the Wachowskis signed their names to in the days when they were brothers”
– Mike McCahill / The Guardian

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