Troll 2 / Claudio Fragasso

  • Country and year: Italy / USA 1990
  • Duration: 95 min
  • Director: Claudio Fragasso
  • Writer: Rossella Drudi, Claudio Fragasso
  • Producer(s): Brenda Norris, Joe D’Amato, Asher Zulkosky
  • Cinematographer: Giancarlo Ferrando
  • Music: Carlo Maria Cordio
  • Cast: Michael Paul Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie McFarland, Robert Ormsby, Deborah Reed
  • Format: DCP

”The film really is spectacularly bad. Troll 2’s plot follows an American family on holiday in a remote town called Nilbog (goblin spelled backward), where vegetarian goblins are trying to turn people into plants and eat them. Young Joshua Waits (Michael Paul Stephenson) saves the day with help from his dead grandfather and a baloney sandwich.
If the plot sounds dire, add terrible performances from first-time actors, a cheesy 80s soundtrack, low-budget latex masks and a sex scene in a popcorn-filled camper van. Then there’s the dialogue. (Sample line: “I’m the victim of a nocturnal rapture. I have to release my lowest instincts with a woman.”) But that can partly be explained by the fact that the creative team – Italian director Claudio Fragasso (working under the alias Drake Floyd) and his screenwriter wife Rosella Drudi– weren’t native English speakers.” – Wendy Mitchell / The Guardian


”Godawfulness in the best way imaginable”
– Kevin Carr / 7M Pictures

”Disaster from start to finish”
– Steve Biodrowski / Cinefantastique

“Supremely cheesy”
– Frank Scheck / The Hollywood Reporter

“Poor special effects. Stilted dialog. Laughable acting. All feature heavily in this low budget horror farrago. It is also worth mentioning that Troll 2, which was filmed in Utah by an Italian crew, has no legal nor dramatic connection to the original 1986 Troll. It doesn’t even have any trolls. Not a single one.”
– Clark Collis / Entertainment Weekly

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