The Witch in the Window / Andy Mitton

  • Country and year: USA 2018
  • Duration: 77 min
  • Director and writer: Andy Mitton
  • Producer(s): Alex Draper, Richard W. King, Andy Mitton
  • Cinematographer: Justin Kane
  • Music: Andy Mitton
  • Cast: Alex Draper, Charlie Tacker, Greg Naughton, Arija Bareikis, Zach Jette, Carol Stanzione
  • Format: DCP

“In writer/director Andy Mitton’s utterly impressive The Witch in the Window, it becomes evident that this eerie tale about an aging ghost house packs just as much of an emotional punch as it does deliver gut-wrenching goosebumps. — Atmospheric, unsettling, and creepy as hell, The Witch in the Window is one of the most exciting horror movies of the year. The tangible, believable chemistry shared between talented actors [Alex] Draper and [Charlie] Tacker who play father and son help the audience establish a strong bond with the characters that makes their situation seem all the more perilous when the two are put in danger. — One thing’s for sure – The Witch in the Window is not to be missed, and we should all be paying attention to Andy Mitton.” – Kalyn Corrigan / Bloody Disgusting


“Elusive gem that surprises and surpasses expectations”
– Michele “Izzy” Galgana / ScreenAnarchy

“Short, sweet, and like a dagger to the heart”
– Matt Donato / SlashFilm

“A horror story told in hushed tones, the brooding lovechild of Edgar Allen Poe and Peter Straub”
– Anya Stanley / Dread Central

“Few films genuinely creep me out or make me cry – The Witch In The Window expertly managed both”
– Anton Bitel / SciFiNow

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