The Wind / Emma Tammi

  • Country and year: USA 2018
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Director: Emma Tammi
  • Writer: Teresa Sutherland
  • Producer(s): Christopher Alender, David Grove Churchill Viste
  • Cinematographer: Lyn Moncrief
  • Music: Ben Lovett
  • Cast: Caitlin Gerard , Ashley Zukerman, Julia Goldani Telles, Miles Anderson, Dylan McTee, Martin Patterson
  • Format: DCP

”The atmospheric and moody period Western horror film The Wind, the narrative feature debut from director Emma Tammi, shares a distinct kinship with Robert Eggers’ 2015 horror hit The Witch. The two films take place in remote and rugged locations, where families of pilgrims and pioneers have set out to build a new life on a hardscrabble landscape while struggling to maintain their social structures. Those patriarchal systems aren’t able to process the supernatural and mystical events that overtake the female characters of these films, and what these women feel is rarely believed. —

The Wind should prove to be a breakout for documentary filmmaker Tammi—women directors don’t always tackle genre for their first narrative feature. — Tammi demonstrates a real knack for visual storytelling and mood; balancing tone and pace while pulling off some very creepy moments; and drawing out an understated but powerful performance from [Caitlin] Gerard. — A fine piece of ethereal, feminist horror filmmaking that signals talents to watch in its director and star.” – Katie Walsh / Nerdist


”It’s refreshing to see such an original stab at this type of indie genre-bender, especially one told from a strictly female point of view”
– Jordan Mintzer / Hollywood Reporter

”Hugely promising debut in terms of Tammi’s steady, assured directorial craft”
– Jessica Kiang / Variety

”Confident, thoughtful, yet creeping and powerful film”
– Shelagh Rowan-Legg / ScreenAnarchy

“Fans of nerve-racking movies The Babadook and The Witch are most likely to fall under this picture’s cold spell”
– Victor Stiff / The Playlist

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