The Wax Mask / Sergio Stivaletti

  • Country and year: Italy / France 1997
  • Duration: 98 min
  • Director: Sergio Stivaletti
  • Writer: Lucio Fulci, Daniele Stroppa, from story by Dario Argento, Fulci and Stroppa
  • Producer(s): Dario Argento, Giuseppe Colombo, Fulvio Lucisano
  • Cinematographer: Sergio Salvati
  • Music: Maurizio Abeni
  • Cast: Romina Mondello, Robert Hossein, Riccardo Serventi Longhi, Valery Valmond, Umberto Balli, Gianni Franco, Rosa Pianeta, Massimo Vanni
  • Format: 35 mm

The Wax Mask is the directorial debut of Sergio Stivaletti make-up / special effects artist who is most known for his work with producer / director Dario Argento. —

From a production standpoint The Wax Mask has all of the ingredients one would want and expect from an Italian Horror film. Most notably a Grand Guignol infused carnage and operatic visuals. The narrative is well constructed and pacing is never an issue. When it comes to the film’s murder set pieces this film delivers in spades. With the film’s special effects that were created in camera instead of using CGI. And though some of these effects do call attention to themselves. With that being said, the special effects are still very effective.” – Michael Den Boer / 10k Bullets”


“Gothic horror is alive and kicking”
– David Rooney / Variety

”Bursts with style and wonderful cinematography. Added to this is the tight direction on the part of Stivaletti”
– Dan Lopez / digitallyOBSESSED

”Ambitious period piece filled with wild special effects and violent, sexy excesses”
– Nathaniel Thompson / Mondo Digital

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