The Unthinkable / Victor Danell

  • Country and year: Sweden 2018
  • Duration: 129 min
  • Director: Victor Danell
  • Writer: Victor Danell, Christoffer Nordenrot
  • Producer(s): Albin Petterson, Olle Tholén
  • Cinematographer: Hannes Krantz
  • Music: Gustaf Spetz
  • Cast: Christoffer Nordenrot, Lisa Henni, Jesper Barkselius, Pia Halvorsen, Magnus Sundberg, Krister Kern
  • Format: DCP

“The latest disaster epic from the European North, brought to you by a directing collective who’ve worked together on fifteen shorts before plunging into their first feature. — Initially framed as a troubled family drama, the story centers on an ex-military man whose outbursts of rage are pushing away his wife and son. — Don’t Google this film; it’s worth going in blind. The Unthinkable captures what US cinema did best in the ’80s, stories about fear and retaliation. It’s a tale of people pulled into an incredible situation that will linger and haunt you.” – Annick Mahnert / Fantastic Fest


“Gripping and incredibly impressive”
– Peter Martin / Screen Anarchy

“Filled with fantastic ideas”
– Germain Lusssier / Gizmodo

“A full-blown invasion film where every action sequence carries consequences and weight”
– Jonathan Barkan / Dread Central

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