The Prey / Jimmy Henderson

  • Country and year: Cambodia 2018
  • Duration: 93 min
  • Director: Jimmy Henderson
  • Writer: Jimmy Henderson, Michael Hodgson, Kai Miller
  • Producer(s): Jimmy Henderson
  • Cinematographer: Lucas Gath
  • Music: Sebastien Pan
  • Cast: Gu Shangwei, Vithaya Pansringarm, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Byron Bishop, Dara Our, Nophand Boonyai, Dy Sonita, Rous Mony, Vandy Piseth, Hun Sophy
  • Format: DCP

“Throw the classic human-hunting premise of The Most Dangerous Game, the lush jungle setting of Predator, some wealthy thrill seekers looking for the ultimate rush a la Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ultra-mullety Hard Target (remember that one?) and a dash of any high-octane Southeast Asian actioner since The Raid into a blender and you’ll come out with The Prey, a lean, mean bit of pulp entertainment that will most definitely satisfy fans of the genre. Set in Cambodia and ticking off almost all the required action-thriller boxes — and a few that could stand to be retired — Jailbreak writer-director Jimmy Henderson’s sweaty, fleet, fevered exercise in genre filmmaking is a pleasure with enough of a jolt to keep viewers engaged.” – Elizabeth Kerr / The Hollywood Reporter


“A tense, tasty action thriller”
– Allan Hunter / Screen Internarional

“As a no-frills late-night action indulgence, The Prey certainly delivers”
– James Marsh / ScreenAnarchy

“Frenetic and brutal hand-to-hand combat, stoic heroes (and cigar-chomping villains), buckets of blood, and a snappy way to spend 90 minutes”
– Darragh Walsh / Haps Magazine Korea

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