The Last House on Dead End Street / Roger Watkins

  • Country and year: USA 1977
  • Rating: 18
  • Duration: 78 min
  • Director and writer: Roger Watkins
  • Producer(s): Roger Watkins
  • Cinematographer: Ken Fisher
  • Cast: Roger Watkins, Ken Fisher, Bill Schlageter, Kathy Curtin, Paul M. Jensen
  • Language: English
  • Format: DCP

”Disturbing and truly unique piece of underground low-budget filmmaking”
– Dave J. Wilson / Cinematic Shocks

”Has long been one of the most infamous unseen films of the horror genre, everyone knew of its existence, everyone had read and talked about it but very few folk had actually ever seen it!”
– Alan Simpson / Sex Gore Mutants

”Well, here’s a toxic little item”
– Rob Gonsalves / eFilmCritic

”Avant-garde artistic horror filmmaking with hidden layers under the grime and gore”
– Tyler Baptist / PopOptiq


”Terry Hawkins (Roger Watkins) is fresh out a jail and looking to make a buck. Upon meeting some seedy friends, and knowing how to use a camera, Terry is hired by a few local pornographers (Steve Sweet and Ed Pixley) to create something unique that will keep them on the market. But Terry, with the aid of some twisted individuals, is looking to get back at the society he despises, and turns the camera on the people around him. Capturing, punishing, and killing those for the camera becomes sick and twisted art as Terry transforms the murders into snuff films.

Vile, disgusting, depraved, and shocking, The Last House on Dead End Street is more than just grindhouse exploitation. Combining complex ideas of corruption and decadence with drugs, greed, and sex, Last House on Dead End Street showcases sleazy Manson-esque ideals as both bred, influenced, and tainted by the society it ultimately was born of and in the end devours. Roger Watkins displays a raw talent that unfortunately didn’t lead to a more prominent film career.” – Tyler Baptist / PopOptiq

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