Terrified / Demián Rugna

  • Country and year: Argentina 2017
  • Duration: 87 min
  • Director and writer: Demián Rugna
  • Producer(s): Fernando Díaz
  • Cinematographer: Mariano Suárez
  • Music: Demián Rugna
  • Cast: Maxi Ghione, Elvira Onetto, Nobberto Gonzalo, George Lewis, Demian Salomon
  • Format: DCP

Terrified starts out with atypical teases – strange voices coming up through a kitchen sink and incessant banging on the wall. Echoes of the innocent domesticity of Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist spring to mind. But then a violent death expands this intimate scarefest into an ongoing global mystery into recent paranormal rumblings. While the action stays focussed on one Buenos Aires suburban street, the sense that an alternate reality, of malevolent creatures, desperate to break into our realm, ramps up the dread and tension. The practical effects from Marcos Berta keep the sense of unreal real —

Terrified doesn’t try to make absolute sense of the nightmare. The mix of characters is far too interesting for it to be that clean cut. Consequently, Demian Rugna’s film provides that rare horror treat – a delightfully unnerving experience in terror. Not for the faint hearted.” – Stuart Wright / Britflicks.com


”Terrifyingly fun paranormal shocker”
– Andrew Mack / ScreenAnarchy

”Rugna is expert in leaving the viewer mystified, confused and in precisely the state signified by his film’s title”
– Anton Bitel / Projected Figures

”Effectively spooky stuff”
– Kim Newman / The Kim Newman Website

“One of 2018’s scariest films”
– Meagan Navarro / Bloody Disgusting

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