Replicas / Jeffrey Nachmanoff

  • Country and year: UK / China / Puerto Rica / USA 2018
  • Duration: 106 min
  • Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
  • Writer: Chad St. John, from Stephen Hamel’s story
  • Producer(s): Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Gao, Stephen Hamel, Keanu Reeves, Luis A. Riefkohl
  • Cinematographer: Checco Varese
  • Music: Mark Killian, Jose Ojeda
  • Cast: Keanu Reeves, Thomas Middleditch, Alice Eve, Emjay Anthony, Aria Lyric Leabu
  • Format: DCP

Replicas, a philosophically metaphysical science fiction technological thriller starring Keanu Reeves (the John Wick films), Alice Eve (Daredevil) and Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), looked like an intriguing genre offering when it first blipped the industry radar. — Keanu Reeves stars as Will Foster, a neuroscientist who’s looking to prove that we are most than just dust in the wind (/Bill & Ted reference). After Will’s family is killed in a car crash, he turns to cloning to bring them back. However, it appears that Will’s process – aided by an assistant (Thomas Middleditch) – kicks off Frankenstein style with an experiment to digitally reproduce the human consciousness of a dead man, who’s none too pleased when he awakens in the body of a robot. His experiments eventually transition to the cloning of his wife (Alice Eve), leading to more metaphysical weirdness.” – Joseph Baxter / Den of Geek!


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