Rabbia Furiosa / Sergio Stivaletti

  • Country and year: Italy 2018
  • Duration: 118 min
  • Director: Sergio Stivaletti
  • Writer: Antonio Di Giovanni, Sergio Stivaletti
  • Producer(s): Giuseppe Manfrè
  • Cinematographer: Francesco Ciccone
  • Music: Maurizio Abeni
  • Cast: Riccardo De Filippis, Virgilio Olivari, Romina Mondello, Romuald Klos, Rosario Petix, Giovanni Lombardo Radice
  • Format: DCP

Italian horror maestro and SFX wizard Sergio Stivaletti takes his core audience by surprise in Rabbia Furiosa, his third feature as a director. Though escalating to pure graphic horror in its final act, it is first and foremost a crime thriller and story of sweet revenge, occasionally flirting with melodramatic overtones. Based on the same true story from the late 80s as MatteoGomorraGarrone’s Cannes 2018 hit Dogman, Rabbia Furiosa is the interpretation of the tale remaining more faithful to the wicked twists and turns of what really happened.


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