Kuutamosonaatti 2: Kadunlakaisijat / Olli Soinio

  • Country and year: Finland 1991
  • Rating: 12
  • Duration: 80 min
  • Director and writer: Olli Soinio
  • Producer(s): Heikki Takkinen
  • Cinematographer: Kari Sohlberg
  • Music: Antti Hytti
  • Cast: Soli Labbart, Kari Sorvali, Mikko Kivinen, Erkki Pajala, Matti Tuominen, Ilkka Koivula
  • Language: Finnish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Format: 35 mm

”Most of the Kyyrölä family died in the first film. Mother froze to death and Arvo burned to crisp. Only animal-like giant Sulo (Mikko Kivinen) remained. Sulo takes the remains of his family to a sauna, because if a good sauna won’t help then nothing will. And so Mother (Soli Labbart) and pervy brother Arvo (Kari Sorvali) revive. Arvo is more slack-jawed than before (his jawbone falls several times), but that will heal over time. They can also revive Father Kyyrölä (Erkki Pajala) who drowned into swamp when he was smuggling moonshine.

It is time for Arvo to go find a job in Helsinki. — Mother Kyyrölä gets worried that Arvo is living a sinful life in the city. So Mother and Sulo have to find Arvo and put him under control —

Father Kyyrölä revives a squad of Red Guard soldiers who were executed during the Civil War. With their leader Edward Allan Kilpinen (Matti Tuominen) the zombie communists travel to Helsinki to continue the revolution.” – Graduated Cylinder / Shameless Pile of Stuff

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