Harpoon / Rob Grant

  • Country and year: Canada 2019
  • Rating: 18 (booze for sale!)
  • Duration: 83 min
  • Director: Rob Grant
  • Writer: Rob Grant, Mike Kovac
  • Producer(s): Julian Black Antelope, Kurtis David Harder, Michael Peterson
  • Cinematographer: Charles Hamilton
  • Music: Michelle Osis
  • Cast: Munro Chambers, Christopher Gray, Emily Tyra, Brett Gelman
  • Format: DCP

“Enthusiastically violent, sharply packaged and gamely acted”
– Dennis Harvey / Variety

”Stylish compositions, amusing running gags and sharp, snappy dialogue”
– Jason Bailey / The New York Times

”Energetic mix of mayhem and snark will appeal to those who like their comedy horrific and their horror comedic”
– Barry Hertz / The Globe and Mail

“Those who can stomach the blood-letting are likely to cheer this inventive foray into high-stakes, high-jinks on the high seas”
– Rich Cross / Starburst Magazine

“From Ruggero Deodato’s Waves of Lust (1975) to Phillip Noyce’s Dead Calm (1989), terrible things can happen on a three-hour cruise. The latest film to set sail under similarly treacherous conditions is Rob Grant‘s highly entertaining Harpoon, a fun-loving but mean-spirited ride on the open water that delivers fast, satisfying thrills. —  At a brisk 83 minutes the film doesn’t waste a frame. Sharply believable dialogue and unexpected story beats keep things moving even after the yacht comes to a standstill, and we begin to feel not only the physical confines of the boat but also the quickly unwinding strands of friendship and sanity. — See it before your next boating trip with the people you call friends.” – Rob Hunter / Film School Rejects

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