Butt Boy / Tyler Cornack

  • Country and year: USA 2019
  • Rating: Aug, 19th screening 18 (booze for sale)/ Aug, 21 screening 16
  • Duration: 98 min
  • Director: Tyler Cornack
  • Writer: Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch
  • Producer(s): Ryan Koch
  • Cinematographer: William Morean
  • Music: Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch
  • Cast: Tyler Cornack ,Tyler Rice, Shelby Dash, Brad Potts, Austin Lewis
  • Language: Englanti
  • Format: DCP

”An exceptionally weird film… Butt Boy is a true original”
– Josh Hurtado / ScreenAnarchy

”Tyler Cornack’s orificial fantasy struck me as a hilariously bawdy, intermittently inspired act of vivacious vulgarity”
– Jeannette Catsoulis / New York Times

”Strikes a rare and masterful balance of humor and tension, making it a unique and effective film-going experience”
– Caitlin Kennedy / Nightmarish Conjurings

”The colonic tonic we’ve been waiting for”
– Sarah Cartland / Caution Spoilers

”Chip Gutchell (Cornack) has been living a milquetoast life without passion for years, but his annual prostate exam awakens a dark desire within him that can only be quenched by shoving anything and everything he can get his hands on up his butt. He tries to get his wife involved to restoke the fire in their marriage, she refuses, leading him to experiment with ever stranger (and larger) objects, until one day he goes too far.

Nine years later, now a member of a happy family, and having honed his obsession to a fine point, Gutchell meets bad boy detective named Russel Fox (Tyler Rice) at an AA meeting and the two become sponsor-sponsee. Fox’s instincts start to go berserk when he gets a weird vibe from Gutchell, and soon enough becomes convinced that Chip is involved in a missing child case that he’s been working on — This begins a cat and mouse game that lasts most of the film’s third act and that’s when things get really crazy.

Cornack and co-writer Ryan Koch have crafted an incredibly bizarre experience in Butt Boy, a film with the most nonsensical of premises played completely straight. For the vast majority of the film’s runtime, there is really no indication of just how wild it’s going to become, but it’s that early calm that really helps to sell the storm that closes the film out. —

Butt Boy is a surprisingly effective slow burn that warms the audience up, like a frog in a pot of boiling water, before taking a hard left to full-on bizarro land as the end draws near.” – Josh Hurtado / ScreenAnarchy

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