Boar / Chris Sun

  • Country and year: Australia 2017
  • Duration: 96 min
  • Director and writer: Chris Sun
  • Producer(s): Christine Hulsby, Chris Sun
  • Cinematographer: Andrew Conder
  • Music: Mark Smythe
  • Cast: Bill Moseley, Nathan Jones, John Jarratt, Ernie Dingo
  • Format: DCP

Boar is the kind of horror movie that is meant for those who adore seeing humans face off against the beasts of nature. Admittedly, this monstrosity is a bit larger than it has any right to be.
Boar follows a giant wild pig that is roaming the Australian bush and slaughtering anything in its path. From campers to locals, everyone is a target. Enter a family that ventures into the countryside to spend time with their relative, Uncle Bernie (Nathan Jones), and their day/night of horror as the pig sets its sights on them. —
There are certainly those who will compare Boar to 1984’s other Australian killer pig film Razorback and it’s a fair observation to make. I do believe, however, that there are enough stylistic and tonal differences to see them as separately valuable entries in the nature horror subgenre.” – Jonathan Barkan / Dread Central


”Broad, silly, gleefully disgusting stuff that takes real pleasure in its excesses”
– Walter Chaw / Film Freak Central

”Pleasantly unpretentious creature feature”
– Paul Mount / Starburst

“A fond tribute to earlier ages of Ozsploitation”
– Kim Newman / The Kim Newman Website

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