Black Circle / Adrián Garcia Bogliano

  • Country and year: Sweden / Mexico 2018
  • Rating: 16
  • Duration: 101 min
  • Director and writer: Adrián Garcia Bogliano
  • Producer(s): Bo Gramfors, Rickard Gramfors, Andrea Quiroz
  • Cinematographer: Dario Goldgel
  • Music: Rickard Gramfors
  • Cast: Felice Jankell, Erica Midfjäll, Christina Lindberg, Hanna Asp, Johan Palm, Hans Sandqvist, Hanna Midfjäll, Inger Nilsson
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Format: DCP

“An impressive film which has made the absolute best of its key elements”
– Keri O’Shea / Warped Perspective

“[A film] which those in the know will enthusiastically discuss and dissect.”
– Michael Flett / Geek Chocolate


“Adopts recognisable genre elements and defamiliarises them by turning them on their head or sending them down odd narrative pathways. — The result is a low-key journey into the uncanny, where a ragtag ensemble of hypnotists, technicians, psychics and ancient creatures work together to restore to this world (and to the next) a balance that perhaps never – or perhaps always – exists. Along the way, Black Circle – which prominently features celluloid reels and even, in late scenes, an actual cinema – confronts us with the anxiety-inducing possibility that when we watch films, we may be relinquishing control and losing a part of ourselves. In short, the five chapters of this spinning psychodrama combine to mess with your head, leaving their haunting trace from the parallel plane that is cinema.” – Anton Bitel / SciFi Now

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