Best F(r)iends: Volume 2 / Justin MacGregor

  • Country and year: USA 2018
  • Duration: 103 min
  • Director: Justin MacGregor
  • Writer: Greg Sestero
  • Producer(s): Greg Sestero
  • Cinematographer: Justin MacGregor, Farhan Umedaly
  • Music: Daniel Platzman
  • Cast: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Kristen Stephenson Pino, Vince Jolivette, Paul Scheer, Rick Edwards
  • Format: DCP

“Finally, the dynamic duo that is Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero has reunited for a dream project that will send fans of The Room and The Disaster Artist into paroxyms of unabated joy once more, and send new fans into a journey of unprecedented comedic madness.

When a drifter (Sestero) is taken in by a peculiar mortician (Wiseau), the two hatch an underground enterprise off the back of the mortician’s old habits. But greed, hatred, and jealousy soon come in turn. Nothing can accurately describe basking in the unholy glow that is the Best F(r)iends saga — a dark, strange journey that reminds you why we all fell in love with this amazing duo in the first place.” – Production notes


“Sestero’s talents as an author don’t just lie in identifying, and writing to, Wiseau’s strengths, he does the same for himself.”
– Rob Hill / The Bad Movie Bible

“It’s not a sequel, but it’s clearly a spiritual successor and often feels like it could be set in the same cinematic Wiseau-niverse.”
– Ben Pearson / Slashfilm

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