Avenging Force / Sam Firstenberg

  • Country and year: USA 1986
  • Duration: 104 min
  • Director: Sam Firstenberg
  • Writer: James Booth
  • Producer(s): Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus
  • Cinematographer: Gideon Porath
  • Music: George S. Clinton
  • Cast: James Dudikoff, Steve James, James Booth, William Wallace, John P. Ryan
  • Format: DCP

Avenging Force reverses ‘80s action-movie trends by pitting good-guy liberals against evil right-wingers. The American Ninja team of Michael Dudikoff and Steve James (the latter cast as your typical black senatorial-candidate-cum-kung-fu-ace) battle sinister Pentangle fanatics who, under the sicko supervision of crazed corporate head John P. (“Hitler was rightt!”) Ryan, blow up federal agents, waste hordes of innocent tourists in a Mardi Gras massacre, and even gun down little kids in their ongoing efforts to wipe “yellow-bellied liberals” off the face of the nation.

The script, penned by costar Booth – who performed the same dual functions for Sho Kosugi’s energetic Pray for Death – makes more noise than sense, but action auteur Firstenberg keeps things moving at a succifiently swift pace.” – The Phantom / The Phantom’s Ultimate Video Guide

”Fast action, some cheesy buddy stuff and a simple plot which is just a vehicle for that action”
– Andy Webb / The Movie Scene

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