Scandinavia’s biggest festival focusing on — but not limited to — fantasy, horror, thriller, science fiction and action films takes pride in having the opportunity to wrap up a magnificent decade of film festivals with its November 2019 edition in Helsinki. We’re getting ready to cater you a series of earth-shattering events that will be remembered well into the 2020s as THE film festival of the decade.

Night Visions conquers a total of three Helsinki screens for four consequtive days and reaches its climax in an all-nighter at the Kinopalatsi cinema in the very heart of the city.

The official selection of a total of 39 feature films complemented with a handful of carefully picked shorts is not only a showcase of the most impressive offerings of global genre cinema of today. It urges the audience to boldly venture beyond, offering the likes of the Cannes Palme d’Or winner Parasite, the most talked-about arthouse sensation of the season The Painted Bird and the star-studded crowd-pleasing murder mystery Knives Out by Rian Johnson of Star Wars fame. And there are the documentaries, an integral part of the Night Visions brand now more abundantly present than ever.

The retro selection of this November’s festival is built around two very distinctive filmmaker guests, Jack Sholder (b. 1945) and Sergio Martino (b.1938). Both legendary directors will be presenting an abundant selection of their directorial efforts, some of them now seen on the big screen in Finland for the first time ever.

Do as they do, come and join us to enjoy the cream of the crop of international cinema in Helsinki on the last week of November!

Language & Subtitles

All titles in the lineup have a dialogue track or subtitles in English with the exception of the Parasite and Finnish classic Tuhlaajapoika (The Prodigal Son).